We had high hopes to watch at least three movies this weekend but we only got around to watching Ted on Friday night. I don't know how many of you know what a huge fan of Family Guy I am but I married a guy that reminds me of Peter Griffin so that ought to set things straight. Naturally, this was going to be right up my alley. It took me a few minutes to wrap my head around a stuffed bear talking like a cross between Peter and Brian but once I got past that it was easy to love this movie. It was a lot more 80s nostalgic than I thought it was going to be and dammit I just think Mark Wahlberg is great. Go figure that Marky Mark would one day end up to be such a fine actor once he stopped dropping his pants and whack rapping.
What surprised me the most about Ted is how heart-felt it was. Of course it was full of bong humor and ridiculousness but the relationship between Mila Kunis (could she be more beautiful?) and Mark Wahlberg was really sweet. Hell, even the relationship between Ted and Mark Wahlberg was sort of believable in how natural and awesome it was. I feel like FG has the ability to do this as well. As funny and stupid as that show is, there is that strong sense of family bonds and you genuinely like the characters. Plus, Ted managed to do a few fantasy cut-away scenes like FG does and they were incredibly funny. Husband and I both had a good laugh and I think if you like FG, there's no going wrong with Ted. My mom and dad would agree.

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Rad! No zero dark thirty?