• I am currently ranked 34th in my weight loss competition. I'm no math wiz but I don't think my chances of winning are very good.
  • Since I just finished my period I can go ahead and accept I am still not pregnant. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried. Someone mentioned scarring after a miscarriage and Husband is on a medication that might affect sperm count so I'm a little bit "blech" about the whole thing right now.
  • Uncle Sam is taking $77 a pay period away from Husband and myself. This is not very helpful when we are facing either $2K in repairs for Vehicular or a new car payment. And let us not forget about the price of airfare for our trip to Michigan this May! 
  • Our tax appointment is about a month away and my stomach is sort of in knots over the whole thing. Last year I was claiming the wrong thing so we paid out the ass but now that's fixed plus I had them deduct a little extra so I am hopeful we get money back. That's how it works for homeowners with offspring right? 
  • My mother bought Casey a pair of rain boots the other day and he has consistently worn them with his pajamas to Maria's every morning since in lieu of his slippers. I think the whole "dress myself like a weirdo" phase is on the horizon.
  • I'm hosting Super Bowl if anyone wants to come.


Christine said...

Even if you are 34th in a contest, you are #1 in my book xoxo
If you are concerned about getting pregnant, talk to your doctor. No use worrying about anything until you get a medical opinion. Scarring is uncommon, and it could be something as simple as encouraging ovulation with a drug boost.
Dude, finances suck. I'm in the same boat.
Casey in rain boots - post a pic!

Coodence said...

Dude - I love the peejay galoshes combo. Yay!

libelletage.com said...

Yeah, I noticed the extra social security tax deduction since that tax break expired. At first I was all annoyed, but I realized we were just taking from the general fund to put into ss and increasing our country's debt. So I am trying to imagine that it is now going to someone's grandma.