Oh, Netflix

This weekend I was so excited because I had finally gotten the last two Netflix DVDs out of our house after nearly a month of gathering dust on the shelf and two fresh new red envelopes had arrived. Netflix thought they'd play a funny game and send me a random movie off my queue rather than the next on the list. Either that or I don't know how to manage my queue and I bumped Warrior up from #47 to #1. Most likely, it was the latter.
Husband decided we should watch it even though I was super mad it wasn't Ted and thus we did. First impression was that it was trying to look like an indie even though it didn't have much of an indie feel. Second was that the "action" was so slow there were times we sped the DVD up to 1.5 and just watched the actors twitch like they had Tourette's Syndrome and listened to them talk like chipmunks.  Let me break down some of the cliches:
  1. Recovering alcoholic dad
  2. Orphaned sons
  3. Good son vs bad son
  4. War veteran but he's a deserter
  5. Teacher and wife (high-school sweetheart of course) working three jobs between them and about are about to lose their home because of hospital bills for their sick kid
  6. Widow of a marine needs to be taken care of by the deserter
It was all so cliche it almost felt like a spoof. Husband wondered why they couldn't find an American beefy dude to play either of them (Hardy is British and the other dude is Australian) but I'm pretty sure the they passed on these roles because the movie was just so cheesy. Quick question, why did they have a Boston accent if one lives in Pennsylvania and the other one grew up on the west coast when their mom fled from their abusive dad? So many things wrong with this one but if you want to see some ass-kicking, there is plenty to go around in this here movie film. Plenty.


Andrea said...

A friend of mine told me to watch that movie. He said it was super good. So, I tried to do that one night. I did not know it was a dramatic type movie with drunk dads and whatnots. I was expecting something different. So it kinda bored me and I wound up doing other stuff while it was on and then I decided to just turn it off.

Coodence said...

Good story, Andrea.


Nice review, ho. I don't think I am going to watch it.