New Year, No Excuses

Since weight loss is part of my New Year's Resolution list, I decided to get peer pressured into doing a challenge by the lovely Chaos & Love blogger, Jessica. For the low price of $25, I have enrolled into a weight loss competition that started yesterday and runs until February 27th. There is the potential to win a good chunk of change so that is certainly motivational but there is also the idea of me having to be accountable to someone else. So yesterday afternoon I took my "before" picture, a picture of the warehouse scale and sent them off. There was no turning back and I will do this every Wednesday for another 8 weeks.

Pretty right? I think the black socks really make the look. Hahahahhahaha. What else can I do but laugh? Over the Christmas break I saw two pictures of myself with Casey where I thought "Who is that great big fat person next to my son?" When I can't wrap my head around the fact that I look like an entirely different person, it is time for a change.
Since I couldn't believe the number on that scale I checked again this morning and it was actually at 222. Morning weight check is so much better than late afternoon. Just to clarify, that weight is with jeans, tee-shirt, socks, underwear. No shoes.
I'm not exactly sure how I want to approach this diet thing but yesterday I didn't really snack for the most part. I didn't have a beer like I usually do after work. I thought about going to McDonald's but went to Jersey Mike's instead. Today will be better. My short term goal is to get into the two-teens by January 25th at 4 pm for that is when I am going to see my primary physician for a checkup. Can't wait to hear his wee "Mrs. Friiiiiday..." lecture.


Coodence said...

holla! sounds like $25 well spent either way. gets you thinking about what you put in your mouth.


Jessica said...

It's going to be awesome.

libelletage.com said...

Good Luck, this year will be better than last year!