New Year, No Excuses - End of Week 4

Just a summary for this month:
Jan 2 - 224.5
Jan 9 - 223
Jan 16 - 223
Jan 23 -224.5
Jan 30 - 223
(looks like my goal of being in the two-teens for the doctor this Friday will not be met after all)

As the challenge's coordinator Jessica so kindly told me when I sent her my numbers this morning: it doesn't matter what happened in the middle, just that I am down now. Since last Wednesday, I used the treadmill twice and walked Betty once. Not particularly exceptional but better than nothing. In order to motivate myself to treadmill more, I put a calendar in front of it with a highlighter and a pen. This way, I can highlight the days I use it and mark down how many calories I burned as well as record my Wednesday weigh-in. Sometimes it's nice to actually see your progress that way.
Eating habits have not been great but I did have salads for lunch Monday and Tuesday this week. I am also attempting to drink more water at work. Monday I had 32 ounces, Tuesday 64. For the past two nights, I stuck to one beer with dinner. I also paid close attention to my portion sizes when I served myself leftovers. I realized I was eating way too much trail mix at work so I took out the M&Ms and am making a concerted effort to only have the 1/4 cup serving as a snack. I will confess to eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's between Monday and Tuesday. I know I need to stop bringing that shit into my house but I fucking love ice cream.
This weekend is Super Bowl and my Uncles are coming in from Germany so I know there will be quite a bit of celebratory eating and drinking. After that, though, I am going to try to attempt to do a Beer-Free February. I'm going to make a concerted effort to have salads for lunch daily and get home to use the treadmill more often. This particular challenge ends February 27th so it's now or never I guess. Mostly, though, I'm going to focus more on eating healthier, smaller portions and exercising and less on the number on the scale. I am more than what I eat and what I weigh.

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