New Year, No Excuses - End of Week 3

Well here we are at the end of week three and I'm exactly where I started. Since the name if this game is "No Excuses" I won't attempt to make any. My exercise track record from last week was pretty abysmal. I cleaned the house on Saturday. Sunday we rode bikes for a while. I did the treadmill during lunch yesterday and walked the dog last night. Other than that, I didn't exert too much extra effort aside from rough-housing with Casey every spare moment of my life.
As far as eating goes, I had salads four times last week and twice so far this week. I totally ate another pint of Ben & Jerry's this weekend which I really need to stop doing but apparently I can't seem to control myself. I definitely drank my fair share of beer, too. I know that the beer is my biggest problem, but this isn't AA and I'm clearly not slowing down any.
Husband said there was no use in dieting until after Superbowl and I might be agreeing with him a little bit at this point. However, I will continue to count my tiny victories. I think I'm doing better about bringing lunch to work and at least I am attempting to use the treadmill that was for months just used as a dust attractor in my garage. I'm still trying to leave a little bit on my dish and I'm making a concerted effort to drink more water. 
The girls on this facebook group are a lot of fun and seem to be very supportive. I don't feel afraid to share my progress regardless of success or failure. Basically, being in that group with 50 other women that are basically on the same boat as me takes the edge off a bit. I have until February 1st to make somewhat of a dent in my weight/eating habits before Dr. T tells me off. So here we go again. Back to the drawing board.


Coodence said...

At least you haven't gained any since you started! So that's good.

Christine said...

Not sure if any of this will help, but both Jillian and Bob (from the biggest loser) have DVDs out that are about 20mins long. If you can find 20mins sometime during the day, they might help. They're $10 (or less) at Target. Or, there are podcasts that are free (I like Yogamazing) that are around 20 mins long - you can download them and play them anytime. If you change it up with videos/podcasts, it doesn't feel like you're doing the same boring thing every day :) YOU CAN DO IT! xo