New Year, No Excuses - End of Week 2

Well I'm still only down that pound and a half but I'm in the Weight Watcher frame of mind where I'm just glad I've maintained. I suppose it could have been worse. Monday of this week is the first time I've started bringing fruits and veggies and salads to work. My work-week plan goes something like this:
- 2 cups of coffee with Splenda and nonfat milk
- 1 packet Quaker Instant Oatmeal (about 130 calories)
- 1 banana
- 20 minutes on treadmill doing about an 18-minute mile (burns about 100 calories or more)
- 1 pre-packaged Caesar salad (230 calories) but I add cucumber and this legume mix I get at farmer's market. Thinking I need to add a hard-boiled egg for more protein to stave off afternoon hunger.
- 1 package of baby carrots (25 calories)
- A large handful of the trail mix I made which is mixed nuts, M&Ms (a girl needs something!) and raisins.
- Go home and walk Betty and Casey to the park
- Do my best to eat a reasonable dinner.
- Limit to one beer at least Monday through Thursday.

This Monday I started going home and doing the treadmill on my lunch hour. I do about 20 minutes because it's really all time will allow once I drive home and change into workout clothes. Between Wednesday of last week and today I only walked Betty 3 times again. I know I can do better than that but I'm glad I got at least that much in. Saturday I cleaned the house very thoroughly so I consider that a bunch of exercise. Followed that up by chasing Casey and his 1-year old cousin around for a good 5 hours. I definitely feel I'm getting my "activity" in. I've started taking a vitamin that has a stool softener in it so between that and all the water I'm drinking (about 2 Siggs a day),  I feel like all I do is go to the bathroom. I've kept it to a beer a night Monday and Tuesday and for anyone that is a mother parenting alone, if you can do it without the comfort of a nightcap then you're a better mom than I.

I know I can do better on the weekends. This weekend I convinced Husband to buy me a pint of Ben & Jerry's limited edition Cannoli flavor. It was so worth it ohmygod. We also went to a brewery on Sunday to watch the game, something we NEVER get to do, and I had two super tasty beers (there... but more at home...) and some calamari. I also know we should be outdoors playing harder and more often but it was just so damn cold! My goodness. But? I think as long as I'm consciously trying at least most of the time, then I'm winning. So there. My BMI is somewhere in the 34 range putting me right in the middle of obese so that's awesome. I've got six weeks to go! Let's get me out of 34th place!

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Nice job on all those things hodown!