Netflix: Two for Tuesday

Beasts of the Southern Wild has been raved about in Entertainment Weekly for months so I finally broke down and threw it on the queue. The lead actress is the youngest actress in history to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actress category. It is also nominated for Best Picture and I tend to want to see as many as I can before the actual ceremony. I love movies and I love the Oscars even if it does make me a pretentious shit.
This is the story of a community of very poor people living in the bayou. Hushpuppy is the little girl that must basically grow up too quickly because her father is dying and the bayou is flooding to the point that it is inhabitable. Apparently there is a fantasy element to this story and prehistoric beasts are involved, hence the title, but I can honestly say I couldn't understand any of it. It was very slowly paced and hard to follow. Frankly, I can't say much about this movie other than it's tragic to think that kind of poverty exists in the United States. Yup. That's about all I took away from it. Husband said "This is the last of the indie garbage you bring into this house." Which leads me to review number two.

Recently Christine reviewed this movie on her blog but prior to that, Husband bought this book for my dad because he happened to hear about it on a podcast. You see, my dad is a bit of a sleepwalker himself. He is constantly fighting off wolverines (why wolverines?) and saving my mother from thugs. He screams out in his sleep often and it never fails to scare the ever-living shit out of my mom. Once, he jumped out of the bed to pursue his prey, ended up running straight into the wall and gave himself a bloody nose. Really nice.
Sleepwalk With Me is the true story of a comedian who suffers from REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. Basically, his physical body acts out his dreams which is basically horrifying to imagine happening but pretty funny to see interpreted on film. The story (and so I assume the book as well) is humorous and very interesting. However, I had a hard time liking Mike Birbiglia in this movie. He's very dry and until he hits his stride performing, is not very funny. His character (and thus himself) says the best thing about him is his girlfriend of 8 years and he's not even remotely interested in marrying her. His parents are sort of a nightmare and he's a struggling bartender, wannabe comic. Just not overly likable. That said, I did enjoy the movie but I think I'd prefer reading his words as opposed to seeing him act them out for me.


Andrea said...

I wanted to love "Beasts of the Southern Wild." Some of my friends saw it and loved it.

I did not. I feel it was boring and tedious and a whole lot of "oh gawd why am I still watching this?!?!?"

Wendy suggested I watch "Sleepwalk with Me." It's in my queue right now. She said I'd love it.

Coodence said...

I think watching SAG would make you a pretentious shit. Watching the Oscars is a completely commoner activity. You're welcome!