Django Unchained

Let me preface this movie review with a non sequitur: We saw Django Unchained at the Camarillo movie theater and I felt like I was cheating on our regular spot in Oxnard. I had free passes and we're being frugal so it made sense but everything was wrong. The self-serve, sort of flat soda. The butterless popcorn that you had to butter yourself. The Reese's Pieces in a box instead of a bag... Yeah. All wrong.
With that said, Django, or any other Quentin Tarantino movie release for that matter, is somewhat of an "event" for Husband and myself. Though I like some of his films more than others, I can say that any time he releases a movie, I know it will be unlike anything I have ever seen before. Django is no exception because in the wrong hands, I really don't think this movie would have worked so well. As a matter of fact, I think this was my favorite of his movies thus far. The acting was unparalleled. The historical aspect was unsettling as well as enlightening. The story was entertaining. The soundtrack was perfectly fitting even though it bounced from Western-style sound to hard core Tupac to a really rousing John Legend number. I laughed, I got a bit teary-eyed, I cheered and flinched and shuddered. He pretty much takes you through the entire spectrum of your emotional responses.
The two and three quarter-hour running time wasn't too bad but there is no getting around the fact that Django is a long ass movie. I enjoyed just about every minute of it but it got me really wondering how in the hell slavery happened. I mean, that is some brutal, fucked up nonsense. Tarantino is not afraid of shoving some torture in your face, I will tell you what. There were several times I had to look away from the screen because it was just so VISCERAL. That's the perfect word for this movie. That or "blood bath." Quite frankly I think DiCaprio, Foxx and Waltz can do no wrong. Their chemistry was amazing. Good good good stuff. Go see it.


Coodence said...

Nice dude!

Andrea said...

This is one of those movies that I know I want to see but I haven't yet been able to make myself go see it.

I think I have some absurd racial driven reasons why I haven't. That and I decided to use movie ticket money to color my hair instead.