Big Fat Baby Maker

I was so happy that I didn't gain in yesterday's weigh-in that after work I proceeded to stuff my face at my parents' house. I love hot dogs and never really eat hot dogs. My parents made hot dogs and the rest is history. I had chips and dessert and a couple beers and I laughed in the face of dieting. BUT? I did good at work and used the treadmill at lunch so I guess that's better than it could have been. This is how I look at my day now... goods and bads. Highs and lows.
So I figured I was back on the wagon today but not really. See, this morning I went to the OBGYN and their scale is actually right on with the scale I use to weigh myself in our warehouse so I guess I really am just that fat. Because the East winds are blowing, I decided against the treadmill today because I'm super congested and full of static electricity and no. So I decided against the damn salad, too and stuffed my face with my co-workers AND got a soda on top of it. Ugh. Whatever. I guess I can just try to be good tonight but I know I'm not walking the dog in this wind either so we'll just call today a lunch-hour fail and I'll carry on with my life.
My biggest fear was that the OBGYN was going to tell me that I can't conceive because I'm a great big fat person but when I suggested that theory to him he pooh-poohed it and said there were lots bigger ladies than me getting knocked up. He said that it was his job to tell me to lose a few pounds but then he also said I'm not nearly as big as the women he's seen and I'm a "big girl." I am pretty sure he meant sturdy and tall but "big girl" always makes me think obese. Which I am. But I digress. He doesn't seem the least bit concerned that I've been trying since September to have another rugrat so I just need to be patient.
Speaking of being patient... When I told the lady at the front desk I was there to find out why I wasn't pregnant yet she told me this story. A friend of hers had been trying for a long time to have a kiddo and finally just gave up on the idea. She ended up going through the adoption process and just as it was complete, she found out she was pregnant. With TWINS. So she had an 8-month old adopted baby when she ended up birthing out two more babies. Can you fucking imagine? Now that same lady has six kids total. I told her not to put that evil on me. I'll be fine with just one more. Please. God. If you're listening. Amen.


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I be one of those "big girls" Dr. C told you about. I'm not going to tell you to "relax, don't think about, it will happen" blah blah blah. When this bambino is born in 7 weeks, it will be 3 months shy of my 17 year anniversary CRAZINESS

You're doing things right - you're taking care of your health and soon you'll be knocked up and peeing on that entire bag of strips!