Scene at a Gas Station

Randi puts money into the Arco dollar receptacle and goes to the tank to pump gas. She is unable to get the gas to come out of the pump. She cradles the pump multiple times and even tries 91 since 89 isn't playing along. Randi goes inside to tell the attendants of her strife.

Randi: Hi. Number 4 isn't working so I was wondering if you could put my money on 6.
Attendant: It works, there's money on number 4.
Randi: Yes but when I push the handle no gas comes out.
Attendant 2: Did you push the gas grade?
Randi: I know how to pump gas. I am not retarded.
Attendant: She didn't mean...
Attendant 2: She'll go out to help you.

Randi then rolls her eyes because she does not need help as the pump is broken. Randi has been pumping gas since the age of 12 and is really quite good at it as she has done it WEEKLY ever since. Attendant accompanies her to the pump. Randi demonstrates how one would normally proceed to pump gas. The numbers go on at the pump.

Attendant: See? It works.
Randi: No, I'm actually not getting any gas out of this. Do you need to physically hold it yourself to see that it's not working or will you just go ahead and put my money on number 6 like I asked you to already?

Attendant scurries away, clearly afraid. Randi successfully pumps gas on number 6 with zero hassle.

Questions for discussion:
  • Why can't number 4 just be broken? Does it make the attendants too sad?
  • Is it very hard for the attendant to just put Randi's money on another pump?
  • Did Randi really need to Bah Humbug all over the attendants?
  • Did the attendants really need to be that asinine at 7:15 this Thursday morning?

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libelletage.com said...

Randi sounds like me.