Not For The Squeamish

A while back my friend Hung wrote a post about Pull-Ups. Here is my story.

Last night I put Casey down to bed at 8 like I always do. I shut the door behind me so that he doesn't try to resist night-night. After some nice chill-out time for mama, I decide to open his door at 9. Last night, his eyes popped open so I went to tuck him back in when I could smell he had made a poopoo. So I said, "Come on, buddy, let's change your diaper" and was met with the horror of seeing that the poopoo was not contained in his Pull-Up (aka chonies). We use those chonies to make him feel like a big boy... Mistake? Perhaps.
There was poop on his pillow, on his stuffed Woody that he sleeps with, on his blankets... everywhere. It was up his back and spilling out onto his pajamas. I had to lift his pajama top over his head and it spread to his hair. Pull-Ups don't have the side fasteners like diapers do so I had to pull down that Pull-Up full of poop and watch it spill to the carpet. Oh the smell! Oh the sadness!
Next stop was getting him into the shower to clean off the poop that could have very well been sitting on him for nearly an hour. That left quite a lovely mess in the bathtub as you could well imagine. Poor Casey was half asleep and totally confused as to why he couldn't just sit down in the tub. It was heart wrenching. We got him cleaned up, dried off and into new pajamas. I threw everything into the sanitary wash cycle and tried to get rid of the evidence.
All the while Casey was following me around the house saying "mama? mama?" and it broke my heart that I had confused him to this degree. I tried to tuck him back into big boy bed but he was having none of it. Obviously, I wouldn't have wanted anything to do with poop bed either. Poor traumatized child. He slept with me in my bed so my night was full of him throwing himself around and kicking me. Awesome.
In my haste I washed his red blanket with his favorite white blanket and now that and Woody's vest are a depressing hue of pink. I feel terrible about it. I feel like I could have done better as a mommy. And naturally, this all happens when Husband is out of town for work. Le Sigh.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Save the Pull-Ups for potty training. Skip the big boy stuff.


Hung said...

Oh No!!!

The late night/unexpected poop explosion! Like any other traumatic event, it seems like forever when you're in the moment and it seems like there are so many snap second decisions to make. And just when you think you're done, you find more trace evidence.

I think that they only way any of us can handle this properly is to practice, like a fire drill. So basically, it's never happening.

Oh well. You did great!

Hung said...

BTW Huelan is in regular diapers at night. They're just better.

Gen said...

Oh man, that is just a shitty night! Pun intended ;-)

You're probably more traumatized than the Cman, especially over the pink blanket.

The things I have to look forward to ...

libelletage.com said...

First Randi, I want to say, oh man that sucks. When your tired but doing mom duty cleaning up a huge mess...I feel your pain. But know that we all have felt your pain. We live, we learn. I know you feel bad, but what you are is a great mom who takes great care of her son. You did excellent as a mommy! Pink vests are a bummer, but all night in poop would have been worse.