Movie Review Monday

 I feel it is my responsibility as a card-carrying Will Ferrell fan club member (hypothetically of course) to see even his most serious movies. Let me forewarn you, Everything Must Go is a depressing movie. There is no Will Ferrell hilarity to be had. Not even a hint of a morsel. He loses his job, his wife kicks him out of the house and he's forced to sell all his belongings. He makes friends with the pregnant lady neighbor across the street and another kid in the neighborhood. At the end, he finds redemption. Sort of, I guess. He's a "recovering" alcoholic that seems to bounce on and off the wagon and is watching his world crumble around him. Not exactly a bucket of laughs. However, I think Will Ferrell as an actor is a fine thing whether it be comedic or dramatic in nature. I just happen to prefer spastic, hilarious Will Ferrell over this fella.

The Lincoln Lawyer was a little better but I don't know by much. I guess I just can't get enough of Matthew McConaughey. Here he plays a defense lawyer who is just a tad on the smarmy side, not at all like the lawyer he portrayed in A Time To Kill aside from the fact that they both might have liked the drink a bit much at times. He is hired by a rich kid who is accused of roughing up a prostitute only there is a bit more of a layer to it. If I say too much I might ruin the twist. Everyone and their mother has a cameo in this movie, I swear. Los Angeles makes an appearance here as a starring player only she's not looking so pretty in this time around. I think the idea of this movie was a little better than its execution but I didn't fall asleep watching it and it was pretty late at night so I think that is a nod to its ability to at least capture one's attention. This weekend, BFF told me that I basically only like comedies, cartoons and superhero movies... she might be on to something, but that won't keep me from trying on the occasional drama. Ya heard?

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Coodence said...

huh. i never heard of the will ferrell movie. and now i will watch lincoln lawyer, because you didn't hate it!