Movie Review Monday

There is a new version of this movie out right now and when I mentioned to Husband that I hadn't seen the original Red Dawn I got a kind of look that could be described as judgmental. Since I have some sort of self-imposed movie viewing reputation to uphold, I netflixed it and we finally got around to watching it this weekend. I'm pretty sure Husband said he loved "The Swayz" Not Swayze. The Swayz. Charlie Sheen before the whole Tiger Blood thing is really hot. C. Thomas Howell is all up in it commando style. Can I just tell you that when Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey showed up on screen I actually shouted and howled with laughter? Epic.
The movie dives right into the violence, ok? They're not trying to ease into anything. One minute the kids are in a classroom, next minute the Soviets are parachuting onto their quad and shooting up the place. It's pretty graphic and had me jumpy in a super fun way. People are dying left and right. I loved it more than I logically should have. I will confess, though, I sort of missed the last few minutes because I fell asleep but I really don't think my life will be affected adversely because of it. I had a jolly good time watching it up until then and from what Husband tells me, the ending kind of stunk. Guess you should watch it and tell me what I missed.


Coodence said...

I haven't seen it either!

Tiger blood?

Hung said...

Watching this movie may have been THE defining moment of my youth. Watched it with my brother hundreds of times.

libelletage.com said...

I never liked the end of that movie. It was depressing to me.