Magic Mike

Well, I did it and I dragged Husband down alongside me; we watched the much-hyped Magic Mike. I had assumed this was going to be as bad as it was and had every intention of watching this train-wreck by myself but Husband said he didn't mind watching it with me. Thank goodness Matthew McConaughey kept repeating "All right all right all right" otherwise it would have been a total bust for him. Well I'm sure he enjoyed the random lady boobies too. I mean, duh. It was definitely impressive to see Channing Tatum's dance movies but I preferred his role in 21 Jump Street over this garbage any day.
It's the story of a stripper/furniture entrepreneur/car-detailer/construction worker who recruits his buddy to join him onstage. We get to see what goes on behind the scenes including a very obvious penis-pumping, drug use, sex and babes. It tells us how being a stripper seeps over to your private life and how stigmatizing it is. Ohmygod I can't even believe I am typing this. It's simply too much. Women dig this crap I guess. I found the lap-dancing and crotch grinding to be super raunchy and kind of grody but that's just me. I will admit, the dudes are all hotties but this "story" - if you can call it that - is no bueno.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Don't buy the hype.

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Gen said...

I was disappointed in the movie. Yes, they had hot bods and some great moves but I've never been one for having an unknown man grind on me. I laughed a lot but Channing is pretty on the eyes so I wasn't too pissed.