Killing ME Softly

Hello and welcome to my review of Killing Them Softly, starring Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta. This is apparently some sort of gangster movie and with the aforementioned cast I was expecting something on par with Snatch. What I got was a steaming pile of hot garbage that I can only liken to Drive.  That was also a critical darling. However, this one ended up disappointing me so much that I actually said "Are you fucking kidding me?" when the credits started to roll. Unfortunately, where Drive was the strong, silent type, KTS was non-stop noise. Background radio noise, chatter, non-stop discussions about nothing and hardly any action. Don't even get me started with incorporating Bush and Obama and the recession, ok? We just got out of an election. OVER IT.
About an hour into it I asked Husband how much longer we had to sit through this shit. When we left the theater? I was FURIOUS. We hardly ever get to go out and this is how we spent our money and our time? I mean, I was so pissed during the movie I was unable to snuggle with my Husband, forget about enjoying my alone time with him. FUCK YOU, Brad Pitt, you pretentious piece of shit. I know this was some kind of a vanity project because it was your production company that put it out. Man. I hated you because of what you did to Jennifer Aniston but this shit seals the deal.


Andrea said...

DAMMIT!!!! I wanted to see this.

I hated "Drive." What a boring piece of crap that was. Ugh. I wanna slap people who say they loved that movie. I really do.

Coodence said...


Sorry ho! I missed the anger though a little bit. I'm not gonna lie.