Check Myself

It's been a week since I declared my Day 1 and I'm not entirely convinced that I was successful. However, I did give it some effort. I have really made it a point to walk the dog with the boy. We did a lot of cleaning and yard work this weekend which I consider strenuous physical energy. Even though I only had 2 meals both days I may have made up for that with beer. It was my company holiday party. Not ideal, really, but I don't think I "over did" it per se. Definitely haven't weighed myself yet and I am knee-deep in menses so I'm not going to. Actually, I don't think I'll weigh myself until after the first of the year. Because why do that to myself?
Yesterday I did well. I had my oatmeal for breakfast and salad for lunch along with my healthy snacks. I walked the dog and had a light dinner. I only had one beer instead of the many I would have liked to have had. I guess I just have to look at those small accomplishments and be proud of them. I'm not trying to be unrealistic. I did, however, quit the candy dish at work once again yesterday. Because OHMYGOD ENOUGH WITH THE TINY CANDIES!
So some goals:
  • stop eating when I feel full/eat only half of my serving/focus on realistic serving sizes
  • stop eating out of stress or boredom
  • try to keep it to one beer a night Monday through Thursday
  • make an effort to move more
  • drink more water at work + no sodas if I do eat out at a restaurant
  • stay away from the candy dish at work
Obviously I am doing this because two-twenty-anything is clearly not a good size for me to be or a healthy weight for me to be. I also want to shop for cute clothes and/or fit in the clothes I used to fit in that are currently hanging useless in my closet. But also I'm starting to wonder if me being this big is keeping me from getting knocked up... because, um, we have been trying. And nothing is sticking.


Christine said...

Hey Dude! You are doing great! Especially at the holidays, it's always hard. I try to focus on how I feel. If I eat too much, or eat a lot of junk, or drink too much I feel crappy the next day, making the next day really hard to get through. Not sure if that will help. Personally, I think you're doing awesome. It's only with little, baby steps that we can make big changes :) xo

Coodence said...

ooh i like these!