For as far back as I can remember, every December my Gran gave me and my brother an Advent calendar. Each day from the 1st until the 25th we could open one door and find one candy counting down to Christmas Day. I think my mom took over this tradition eventually and I remember having a calendar all to myself up until maybe a year ago. My family loves beating a tradition to death.
This year, "Gaga" (a.k.a. my mom) got Casey his very own calendar. He really seems to know what is going on this Christmas. He is fascinated by the lights outside and the tree and calls my nutcracker collection his robots. He talks to me about Santa. Then he got this magic treat of a chocolate per day and you can consider his mind blown.
Each day I sit and tell him "Let's look for Number _" and we look at each of the tiny numbered doors and find what we are looking for. Then together we open the tiny door and find a tiny foil wrapped chocolate just for Casey. It truly is the highlight of his day. Bright and early this morning he said "Mama? Numboo fow? Wook fo Sanna?" and I told him we had to wait until later and he was crushed. It's the most hilarious thing to watch him remember certain events and talk about them all day long. There really is nothing comparable to seeing Christmas through his eyes. And to watch him savor the heck out of a piece of "canny."


Andrea said...

This was super sweet and full of awwwww! I approve!

Christine said...

I still buy those for myself! Yay for Casey! Super cute dude :)

Hung said...

Liz's mom got Huelan one too, and she is the same way. "It's after dinner now, I look for number candy?" Fun times.