Wrap It Up

Today I'll just wrap up my thankful for the month because, well, I want to. That's why. It's my blog and I'm here to break my own rules, sucka! Here's 16 through 30:

16. For living in my hometown. Friends that grew up here but now live far away come back to see their families and I get to see them when they are here. I don't get to travel much so this is a nice treat for me. This was especially nice when I didn't have to travel to Portland to meet months old AJ, firstborn daughter of Denise. SHEISSOCUTEYOUGUYS!

17. For fun scavenger hunt games I get to play on my camera. I'm becoming a bit of an Instagram whore and I sure do love having an excuse to play with my real camera.

18. For people who cook for me. I'm so glad Husband is the cook of the family and that my mom is making turkey dinner tomorrow. I just don't have the hang of it but I'll bake for you in return! Maybe clean? Sex? LOL

19. For online shopping so I never ever have to consider camping out for Black Friday. Gross.

20. For this lovely weather. I hurt for the people that were victims of the hurricane or have to worry about tornadoes and snow and shit like that. We have earthquakes sometimes. Big whoop.

21. That BFF and Crusty are both living in California again. I can't tell you what this means to me. It's kind of the best thing ever.

22. That I live in proximity to many wonderful things like the Santa Barbara Zoo and the Reagan Library. I can be at the beach in 5 minutes or the mountains in 20. I can go to LA for baseball or hockey or concerts with ease.

23. For Levi's. Without them I don't think I would be able to wear pants because I wear jeans every. single. day.

24. That I have money in a 401K and in a savings account. And in our checking for that matter.

25. For my DVR! Dangit. I get to watch my shows at my convenience. Amazing. And there is nothing like fast forwarding through commercials. Iron Chef. Top Chef. All that stuff. Love it.

26. For coffee in the mornings and beers at night. Silly to look forward to beverages but I do!

27. To always be busy. Lord knows there are days that I wouldn't mind curling up with a book and not getting out of bed but it's nice to know I always seem to have family or friends that I need to visit or work and chores to tend to. Must mean I'm doing things right since I have no time to be bedridden.

28. That we don't have to go to Michigan this Christmas. As much as I love my in-laws, there is nothing worse than holiday travel. Plus this will be the first Christmas that I get to spend with my Lici Niecey!

29. That magazines and books are still in print because I don't always love reading online and am just not ready for a Nook or a Kindle.

30. For music. Whether it's listening to Casey sing or singing to Casey, the radio, the iPod, Pandora, or Husband strumming the guitar... It's just my favorite thing.

Happy thanksgiving blog readers. Thanks for reading, thanks for being my buds. Thanks for marrying me or being in my wedding. You know who you are. xoxoxoxo

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