Weekend Pics

Our Saturday began with a stop at Ostrich Land USA. We decided to spend the day in Santa Ynez and since we drive past there all the time we stopped. It was $9 for us to walk around stinky, growling ostriches and emus and that low price included a dustpan full of rabbit food that Husband had the pleasure of feeding them. So gross.
Next stop was Quicksilver Ranch to stop and see the tiny ponies. These twinsies above were much newer than the others and were just as cute as can be. Casey is at eye level with them but could really have cared less about them. He preferred running down the corridor of their barn and grabbing black widow spiders. Yes, I know. Horrifying.
I have such mixed emotions about the picture above because the two of us could not be cuter but I could not be fatter. I haven't been fatter, actually, since I was pregnant with him. This definitely, absolutely has to be my "before" picture. Ugh.
Here's Husband and the boy looking adorable and fun. We had a pit stop at the Santa Inés Mission so the boy could cool down and have a snack. When I was a kid we had to build the missions in elementary school so this was a real treat. While I may not agree with the religion, Catholic history is very interesting to me. What I could have done without, though, was the faux blood where Jesus's hands and feet would have been on the crosses bearing the Stations of the Cross. We got it, Catholics.
And finally we have the boy zonked the heck out. This picture had nothing to do with Saturday's festivities. Why I love this picture so much is that I didn't put Eeyore and Pooh in bed with him. He did that all himself. And made my heart melt all over the carpet. What a mess!

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i love all of them!!!