Thankful Thursday, Part Deux

9. For health insurance. I can't imagine what our medical bills would be like without it. I guess this is on the forefront of my mind because I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and just paid a $25 bill for Casey's testicle consultation that could have run well into the thousand dollar range without insurance.

10. For Disney animation. Be they movies or shows on DVD, on TV or On Demand, they sure come in handy. I can't be on the clock the entire time Casey and I share together and cartoons are something we can both enjoy either side by side or as a distraction. Plus, their movies are a must-see at the theater for me.

11. For this blog. I'm so glad I get to keep up with friends here, sort out my shit and basically just be myself. I met Husband and quite a few good friends blogging. I never take that for granted. Plus it helped me keep in touch with BFF and Christine when they moved across the country for no reason. Now they're both back in CA. Dummies.

12. For my in-laws. God knows I didn't get to choose them but my MIL and FIL are two of the best damn people around and I have zero complaints about either of my BILs or their wives and children. Frankly, I wish they lived here instead of MI but at least we have airplanes and Skype.

13. For Maria. I could ask for no better a care-giver for my boy. She is flexible and kind and generous. She teaches him far more than I think even I do. And most of all she loves him.

14. For modern technology. I really love my Samsung Galaxy S III and that it allows me to email, text, do Instagram and play WWF and Draw Something. My blackberry had nothing on this bitch!

15. For Target! Damn, I love that place. I realized this after my trip to TWO malls last Saturday. I hate the mall! Target has everything. Groceries, toiletries, clothing.. you name it, I need it, it's likely at Target.

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libelletage.com said...

I have the same phone as you! And I had a BB before. And I agree with liking the samsung.

I haven't been blogging or reading much. School and work are kicking my butt and I've gained 10 lbs in a year! Ugh. 2 more weeks....

I miss blogging.