Some Thoughts

  • I cried last night when Barack Obama was confirmed as re-elected.
  • I have avoided listening to Mitt Romney speak pretty much this whole time because I already hated his face and last night's concession speech confirmed why. As gracious as he was, there is a general feeling of authenticity and sincerity that is lacking.
  • I fell asleep before I could watch Barack's acceptance speech.
  • I am appalled that I asked God to bless America and our POTUS on my facebook and a friend told me that Barack Obama is not a good person. He is a good, good man. For anyone to say otherwise needs a smack on the mouth.
  • I love that he appears to be deeply in love with his wife and children.
  • I barely got the swing of things 4 years into my job so hopefully he can only do better things in the next 4 without the pressure of re-election hanging over him.
  • I believe the "right wing" alienated a lot of women with their stance on gay marriage and Planned Parenthood and that is one of the main reasons they lost. Women make up quite a bit of the population and are not an interest group. They should not be treated as such.
  • He won popular and electoral! The end!


Andrea said...

I cried and squealed with glee when he was announced.

I squealed with glee again with Rombot said "I called to congratulate the President!"

POPULAR and electoral!!!

I'm gleeful today. And surrounded by surly faces and dramatic facebook posts.

Coodence said...

I love this post!! I cried, too. We did it!!!!

Hung said...

you can do it!

Andrea said...

If you haven't watched it yet, you absolutely must! You'll cry again...