Rants and Raves

  • If one more stupid ass Republican dipshit says something about Obama destroying America or any such thing I'm literally going to stab a motherfucker. Jesus Holy Christ. We have had far worse hold the rank of POTUS and here we are, still standing. Enough already. The only reason assholes are up in arms is because he is black. He didn't do all this damage. He got it dropped on his lap. Period, the end, STFU.
  • Elmo? Petraeus? Damn you for being heroes that can't keep it in your pants. Affairs are legal. Sex with an 18 year old is legal. You two are just smarter than that. I do not understand how people cheat on their spouses or how any adult person can have the secks with an 18 year old but they do and it sucks. Mind you, I don't really care too much about this but some people do so I'm mad for them. Sex is fun and awesome, I get it. But is it really worth the fallout? I really don't think so.
  •  My boy watched Brave last night since we bought it on DVD the day it came out and he was not nearly as scared as I was when we saw it in the theater. He said "Watch out!" and "Rocks!" and "Bears, mama!" quite a few times but other than that he was cool as a cucumber. 
  • He is not only a wee echo nowadays but also is carrying on conversations like a boss. This means he can also back-talk so here is a whole new hurdle for the adult people in his life. I was practicing with him all morning to say "Happy Birthday, Gaga" and he basically ignored me but in the car on the way to Maria's, I sang Happy Birthday to my mom and he decided he'd just sing along and keep on singing. Nothing is cuter than that. I challenge you to find something.

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