Movie Review Monday

I realized The Five-Year Engagement had been sitting in an envelope for too long so I told Husband we had to watch it to get a new Netflix DVD to gather dust. I sort of recall someone telling me this was not a good movie but I refused to believe it because Judd Apatow touched it and I really, really liked the cast. Unfortunately, this movie was not so much a rom-com as it was just a sort of sad look at two people not really able to commit. Not even commit, really, just unable to get to the altar. I really dislike seeing philandering and there was some of that here. Plus the jokes just weren't funny enough to make up for the "Where are we going with this?" feeling I got from the whole movie. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for this kind of movie or maybe I just need to admit I am really not the rom-com type. Plus they sort of made Michigan seem lame and that turned Husband off. We can't have anyone thinking Michigan is lame, understand?

To make up for our lack of theater going and mediocre Netflix viewing, we actually made it to a matinee to see Skyfall. We arrived quite early and there was already a line of people waiting to buy tickets to see this. I think it says something about 007 that there are now two movie theaters in Oxnard and our "old" one was packed at the first viewing of this showing on a Sunday morning. Aside from the frequent and obvious product placement, I really can't say anything bad about this movie. There are beautiful women, awesome action scenes, gorgeous locales, Daniel Craig rocking the hell out of everything he wore (or didn't), impeccable acting by revered actors... This movie is just chock full of winning combinations. Even the theme song was great and it was Adele and I am so over Adele! I think the other two Daniel Craig Bond movies kind of took themselves a bit too seriously and this one was just a lot of fun with quite a few nods to the old Bond movies including the car, the drink and the theme song. And as for bad guys, they just don't come much worse than Javier Bardem. He was no less than incredible. Go. See it.

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Coodence said...

Completely agree. It was incredible!!