X-Men First Class

Want to know the very first thing that entered my mind while watching this? Ok here goes: "Kevin Bacon?" Yeah, dude. Kevin Bacon is the big ol' baddy in X-Men First Class. Nothing could have been more random but it really paid out in the end. I'll just say right now, I really liked this movie. Husband and I have decided we simply love an origin story no matter how many times or how many ways it is done. It took a minute to get over the new cast of mutants but we did get a couple nice cameos from Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romjin to put us at ease that they gave their blessing.
So basically, the movie just tells us how the mutants got together and how Charles Xavier and Magneto ended up going their separate ways. And we get Nazis. Nothing like putting some very heavy shit in an otherwise fairly light movie. We watched this on Saturday after watching Avengers on Friday so I think we were just in the mood for some good old fashioned comic book cheese. I will say this, women, there is some delicious eye candy to be had in this movie. Yummy Michael Fassbender. I am a fan. Sure, the action is good, the story didn't suck and the chicks are hot, too... but Michael Fassbender? Mmmhmmm.