Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday afternoon, Husband went to get me a treadmill from Craigslist. Since I no longer have Curves and the only thing I would use at the gym is a treadmill, we just bought one. Now, I just need to use it. $180 for a gym-grade treadmill that looks like it was mainly used to house dust is a steal if you ask me. That's like 4-months of Curves membership.

On Saturday afternoon we went way, way up in the foothills of Ventura to attend Christine's grandpa's memorial. The view of Oxnard and the Pacific Ocean was beautiful, the mood was light and the bagpiper was piping. Yeah, dude. An actual bagpiper in traditional garb, blowing and roasting under a 90-degree sun. Before all that, though, Casey tried on his costume (not pictured here) and refused to remove the hat. Would you look at those toes? I want to eat them.

On Sunday we carved pumpkins. We got a Sesame Street carving kit at Target for the tools but our tall and skinny pumpkin made a perfect Bert and our round and robust pumpkin made a perfect Ernie so we went with it. That big ass pumpkin had rotten, moldy insides so we said it had cancer. Gross. Then, after all was said and done, we watched the Detroit Tigers get swept by the stupid Giants. Ugh. I will be fair and admit that they had the superior team but it was just too sad to see the Tigers go down like that. 

PS - The pictures I am sure you have seen already on Facebook or Instagram but I'm trying out G+ because Andrea made me feel like I needed to. Ha!


Coodence said...

He's so cute dude.

Christine said...

Love the punkins, dude! Awesome!