Terrifying Tuesday

Last week I put a picture of a scary spider on facebook to freak everyone out. Well, I think this spider is that other spider's fat uncle or something. Jesus Christ. I got brave and went up and took its picture because there is nothing more awesome than a spider spinning a web of this magnitude, especially when it is covered in the morning dew. The fog is so thick right now I can barely see across the street.

What's awesome about this particular picture is I took it with my phone. After that, it automatically uploaded to my Google + account because I set it up to do that. From there, I uploaded it to this blog via my Picassa album. Amazing. I am so used to plugging in the camera, uploading pictures and doing it the old fashioned way that I feel like this is some amazing new invention. I guess this is what it feels like to be elderly.


Andrea said...

I am so gonna giggle when you get all saucy and take boobie photos and they show up on the G+. Really, I will.

Dude...that spider is HORRIFYING!!


Ang said...

is that real?

Coodence said...

Makes me want to barf. Glad you can't click it to make it bigger, even though I totally want to.

The picture. Not the spider. The spider doesn't need to be any bigger.

Hung said...

I've been using the Blogger App as well- you pull up the app, then you can select pics from your photo album and create a post direct-like.

Our outside is lousy with spiders. I go on a killing spree at least once a week.