Surrounded By Idiots

Last Friday we had to buy a new refrigerator because the one I inherited when I took over Gran's place was about 20 years old and starting to do weird drippy things. We found a nice big one for under $900 at Lowe's so we got the line of credit with 18 months same as cash and ordered it - specifically asking for the free ice-maker option. I got charged for the ice-maker supply line so I assumed all was well and good. We requested Friday delivery. I got a call late Saturday night telling me the fridge was back-ordered and they could deliver Friday at the soonest, but that's what we requested... "Just wanted to make sure you didn't think we forgot about you (more rambling message) all right then... I suppose I should give you a phone number hardeeeharhar." Someone at Lowe's was clearly aiming to be a used car salesman. I get a call on Tuesday that my fridge is in and they'll deliver Wednesday. Fine, sooner is better. Wednesday, they show up and all is well and good but they don't have the ice maker. I call to fix it and the guy tells me "One was never ordered." And I said to him that was the problem and got hung up on. Why the hell would I order an ice-maker supply line and not the ice maker!? Luckily, management at Lowe's is smarter than its employees and someone is coming out on Friday to fix all the wrong.

Then, last Saturday we had a fun little shindig for Husband's birthday and because I don't cook, I decided to have bar food catered by BJ's. I placed the order on Thursday and was told I would be called on Saturday morning for my credit card number. At noon on Saturday, I called BJ's since they didn't call me and gave them my credit card number and told them I would see them at 3. At 3, there was no food at my house so I called them. They said the food was in the oven.When I asked why it was late since I ordered on Thursday and called again that very morning to confirm, I was told "I'm not going to make up a story, we dropped the ball but I'll give you a discount." 45 minutes later my food arrived and all was well in the world with a discount of about 17% of the bill. I tipped the driver a crisp $20. It is now 6 days later and I still haven't seen a charge go through on my credit card. Does this mean my meal was free? Was it easier to write me off than to explain why my shit was discounted?

Hm.... Well, at least I blogged.

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good stories, ho!