Personal Journey

I went on the crazy train again today when it comes to pee sticks and here is why. Short story is I have had two hangovers in two weekends. What that means is that I have had a little bit too much to drink two weekends in a row. Normally, I don't worry too much about how much I drink but for some reason this month has really hit me hard. I'm not even close to having my period, forget about missing it but I still bought pregnancy tests on the way to the register while buying diapers this morning.
These tests, as opposed to the others, were digital. I wasted both of those. I guess you have to wait til the clock thingy is on the screen before you pee whereas the good old fashioned ones you just pee on. I would have known that if I had read the directions but, well, haste makes waste. So rather than take that as a sign that I need to seriously get a hold of myself, I went to Walgreen's on my lunch hour to buy a new box of the old school ones and a bag of Ruffles to quell my shame. That's how I do.
Of course, the tests were all negative and I know that. I just needed something to calm my nerves and to tell me that the only person I am hurting with my binge drinking is myself. Right? Here I am trying to potentially incubate another human being only to poison it with alcohol. Real smooth, Randi.
So these are my confessions, folks. I think I'd be better off finding out I am barren.


Hung said...

It's conventional wisdom that drinking in the first month of pregnancy is okay, but when Liz was prego, she got buzzed once (or twice) before we knew. So I actually looked it up and the science says that the first month is really about attaching to the mother's body not real vital organ or brain development. So if your kid turns out like a dumb jerk, there's another reason.

Hung said...

(And good luck getting knocked up)

Christine said...

Sorry, developmental biologist here. The truth is, a lot of stuff happens during the first month, not just "attaching the kid to the mother". Essentially, the zygote is building up all the cells necessary to form the brain, heart, etc. If those get messed up, then the whole organ is messed up. It's not clear what alcohol does or doesn't do to the fetus at this stage. There's just not enough data. Some people it's fine, others it can lead to miscarriage. No way to know. However, I do think you need to get it through your thick skull that those damn pregnancy tests are NOT ACCURATE until you've missed a period. Period. Stop wasting your money and have a little patience.

Coodence said...

Hung is a riot dude.

Andrea said...

Oh, Christine...I've tried to tell her to wait a WEEK after she actually misses her period.

She'd rather pee on sticks than be reasonable. That's what I've decided.