Period Watch 2012

Well, blog readers, it seems as thought BFF was right: I did end up taking that test last night and got another big, fat NO. It seems I can't have those laying around the house without wanting to pee all over them so I shan't buy another until my period is actually non-existent. Speaking of periods, today there seems to be cramping and the slightest hint of what I assume is Aunt Flo arriving. I guess my birth control removal calculations were wrong and my body is like a damn clock and really likes Wednesdays to get the ol' ball rolling. Looks like two weeks from today I'll start humping Husband like it's my job and we'll see if we can't conceive. Until then.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I clearly have a problem and you know way too much about my reproductive system.


Andrea said...

You just like to pee on stuff.

libelletage.com said...

Sorry no baby happening. Although I heard accupuncture is good for fertility. I heard that from a physician at a conference. It's evidenced based not just theoretical.