Movie Review Monday

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we actually managed to watch a movie this weekend. Look at us! I picked Wanderlust because I am smitten with Jennifer Aniston and this is the movie where she met her fiance Justin Theroux. And I just can't say no to a movie that stars Paul Rudd. From what I recall, when this movie was in the theater, it received kind of a lukewarm response. Personally, I liked it. I laughed and it was fun to watch  and see how many cameos from random comedians and actors they could sneak in (Hey there, Ray Liotta!). Husband commented it was like a random sequel to Wet Hot American Summer which makes sense because it was pretty much written by the same people and starred some of the same cast. I also feel that Judd Apatow can't go wrong and he touched this movie so I give it my blessing. By the way? If you haven't seen Wet Hot American Summer I really think you should just because it's such a weird cult hit.
So the movie itself: basically Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston are New Yorkers that lose their jobs and their tiny studio apartment/micro-loft  and are forced to move to Atlanta to live with family until they can get back on their feet. On their way to Atlanta, they get lost and stumble upon this commune and fall in love with it until the reality of the commune kind of hits Paul Rudd in the face. Aniston plays a good flake who seems to bounce from passion to passion so she gets sucked into the cult and Threroux's leader character. Hilarity ensues thanks to nudity and drug use. I think for a Sunday hangover day, this was a great choice for me. I think I'd probably watch it again just to watch Paul Rudd amp himself up in the mirror by talking about what he was going to do with his dick to the lady in the commune. Yup.

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Gen said...

I saw it in the unedited format and wasn't impressed. I giggled at times, how can you not giggle at Paul Rudd? But other than that, was glad it was a free movie. Maybe I need to watch it again.