Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • I like that there are all new shows on TV even if it does cut into my Netflix time.
  • Fall has arrived and it is wonderful and good. I like the season for its holidays and weather. 
  • My period made an appearance this morning so the waiting is over.
The Bad
  • I miss going to the movies with my Husband. Football season, man. I blame it.
  • Now that my period is here I have to assume I'm not pregnant which is fine but I guess a bit disappointing.
  • I thought yesterday was Thursday so this week is longer than I want it to be.
The Ugly
  • I jammed a frame into the wall rather than make it through the doorway and the corner of it punctured a spot to the lower left of my vagine. Or right if you're looking at me. Either way, that bruise is NASTY.
  • Seeing 220 on the scale whether I am clothed or not.
  •  Mitt Romney's stupid face and his followers. Hehe. That's not nice.

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Coodence said...

but it sure is funny! ha!