Good Bad and Ugly - Now with pictures!

The Good
  • Although I am counting my chickens before they hatch a bit, I have a good feeling our budget will be looking MUCH better come December.
  • We don't have a single plan this weekend aside from going to the pumpkin patch. We've had three birthdays to celebrate in four weeks' time so I think I'm good on plans for a bit.
  • All of Husband's hard work and precious time put into Ethan's dinosaur hunter kit for his 6th birthday was a success.

The Bad
  • Despite my shame spiral, I have continued to beer it up this week. I don't see that stopping until one of those pee tests says "Hey, ho, you're pregnant. Cut it out."
  • This weather is totally gross. I want autumn to be a time for sweaters and the like but instead it's all east winds and heat waves.
  • We had to cancel going away for Thanksgiving because our budget just isn't there yet. Damn being responsible.
The Ugly
  • I noticed that lately I have been going number two a whole heck of a lot and my tummy was not feeling so good. Cut to last night and reading that the prenatal vitamins I have been taking have a stool softener in them. Hahaha
  • I gained back all the weight I had lost for my birthday and can't seem to get off my fat, lazy ass and get back to exercising. My walking shoes are right here next to my desk in the office so I can walk on my lunch hour but it's hot as hell, yo. No thanks!
  • This big ass spider outside my office window:


Coodence said...

It's cold today! Not cold, but not hot! I was surprised by that. That spider is nasty.

Andrea said...

I hate that spider very much and I want it to burn in hell.

PS - your captcha code words are very blurry and make me feel blind and old. Your blog should get off of my lawn.