Tummy Tuesday

Tummy Tuesday was a regular feature when I was pregnant with Casey so I think I will bring it back for my latest venture. Today is about a month since I last went to Curves and now it's not an option since it is out of business. I suppose it would be just about weigh-in time so I went out back to the warehouse scale this morning after breakfast and my two cups of coffee and it said 221. This was while wearing a pair of chucks, socks, a bra, panties, jeans and a tee shirt so I put myself at about 216. I'm up 5 pounds since August 14th. Not good.

I am trying to get back to walking for exercise because I love it but this foot injury of mine doesn't make that very easy. Yesterday I was home with Casey and we took Betty on a two 20-minute walks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Any longer than that just hurts but we have started doing our walks to the park in the afternoons again. I'm thinking that in another week, I can get back to a more regular walking schedule. My goal is to walk during my lunch hour now that Curves is no longer.

I went off of birth control on Thursday August 30th. According to the google'd conception calendar, this past weekend should be my fertile time so we took advantage of that. Today, I started back on my healthy eating routine. I'm back to oatmeal for breakfast and salads for lunch. Snacks will be fruit and nuts. Maybe a veggie here and there. Dinner will be free time I guess. I figure I should probably ease back on the drinking sooner than later so I guess we'll get the jump on that tonight too. No sense in trying to go cold turkey if/when I get knocked up, eh?

I know, readers of this blog, that I have stated time and time again that Casey would be it for me but something changed I guess. I see him with his cousins and he is just so damn happy. I worry about him playing with the dog and overhearing him say to her "Come on, Betty, ope-it!" like she should be playing back. I want him to have a confidant and a lifelong friend or at least a connection like that only a sibling really shares. After we lost Segundo, I was in a world of hurt and fear. I think 9 months later, I'm feeling a little better about it. The sadness is gone. The fear, though, is still there. And I'm sure it will be until I hear a heartbeat coming from my tummy.

This will be our last attempt though. I can't stand the thought of another loss. However, I do really like being off the birth control and off the Prozac/Zoloft. The only real side effect I have noticed is that I get super weepy when I watch TV and there is anything sentimentally family or friendship related. I can deal with the weepies. If this one doesn't work out, I guess it will be time to get the ol' tubes tied. Another story for another day.


Coodence said...

Brava, Ms. Bravey-Pants. We all love you and are rooting for you. I speak for the entire blogosphere.

Sassy said...

Yay! Good luck to you. I can imagine how scary it is, but Coodence is right: we're all rooting for you!! xoxo

Hung said...

I resent Google commercials that are created solely to tug at heartstings. I thought their motto was "don't be evil?"