Movie Review

Have you seen Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? I recall reading about it long ago and decided to add it to the Netflix queue. James Bond appeals to me and he is a British spy so I assumed that this British spy movie with a cast of well-regarded actors would also be appealing. I was quite wrong. You see, an hour into it, I was literally falling asleep. Never in my life have I been witness to a slower cinematic experience. If I wanted to watch Gary Oldman stare off into the distance and slowly shuffle about, then this movie would have been a hit. And frankly, after an hour of trying to really get interested, I gave up and there is not a part of me that regrets that decision. If someone were to tell me, "Oh but Randi! The ending is AMAZING!" I would literally have no fucks available to give. I just can't believe how a movie with Colin Firth could make me so very, very disappointed.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: They can't all be winners.


Andrea said...

Would you think I'm a jerk if I told you that sometimes I'll purposely add a movie that you hated to my queue because I suspect I'll love it based on your level of hating it? Because I sometimes do. This is gonna be one of those movies.

Maybe I'm not always nice? But at least I don't have a neck tattoo.

Coodence said...

"I would literally have no fucks available to give"

I literally snorted. HAHAHA!