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As a woman of a certain age, I have lots of friends that have children. Sometimes, we get so busy being parents that we sort of forget how to hang out as friends unless it's at one of the kids' birthday parties. When EW reviewed Friends With Kids, I thought to myself that I could probably relate to this movie. Not only does it have a spectacular cast of funny people, but the story seemed to be timed right with what I'm experiencing as a mother with mothers for friends. Plus, EW sort of raved about it so why not.
Well, I guess the why not is that I'm not a super hip, wealthy, urban New York parent who is more concerned about status than about being a mom. I also like my husband much more than these women seem to like the fathers of their children. Sure, being a mom is hard but I don't think it makes me miserable to be around. I pray to God that I don't talk to my husband like he is a worthless piece of shit in front of our friends. That was kind of the aura of this movie. It was sort of awkward and unhappy rather than how funny it should have been.
Basically, a girl and her guy BFF realize that their friends are getting married and reproducing and while they have yet to find their "person" they both know they want children and they aren't getting any younger. Since they live in the same apartment building and have been friends since college, they decide to have a kid together, 50/50 without the trappings of romance that seem to make their friends miserable. Nice premise but as I'm sure you guessed, it doesn't quite work out that way. I can't really give this one a thumbs down, per se, my thumb just isn't telling you to rent this. It literally ends with the line "Fuck the shit out of me." Take that as you may.

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much better review, ho, than the last one.