Movie Review Monday

Safe House is a little out of my wheelhouse but it must have appealed to me on some level since it ended up on the Netflix queue. I don't think Husband added it. Maybe? Either way, Ryan Reynolds and Denzel make for some good eye candy so we watched it because it had already been delivered to our house. This movie is chock-full of chases and guns and blood. What is lacking, however, is a solid story-line. I would have preferred a little more depth.
Vera Farmiga is in this, too, and I don't like looking at her but that's ok. The story is a bit of a "I don't know who the bad guy is" kind of tale and it had me guessing up until the last moment. Then it turned into some sort of WikiLeaks thingamabob. There were far too many moments where I had to suspend belief and say "Oh, come on." Yeah. I didn't love it. I also didn't love Denzel's hair when it was all big and gray. And I guess I just cant take Ryan Reynold's seriously because of Van Wilder and that cute love story movie he was in with Sandra Bullock. I prefer goofy, snarky Ryan Reynolds. Without a shirt on.

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