Long Weekend Wrap-Up

Pro: Got off work early.
Con: Casey cried like a crazy person at the doctor during his 2-year check-up even though he had no shots or real reason to.
Pro: Chances are pretty good that he won't need testicle surgery after all.
Pro: We got to go to Sea Fresh and sit outside have dinner at a restaurant just the three of us.

Con: Family portraits were a disaster. Casey has PTSD and never wants to be in a photo studio in the mall ever again. 12 times in the first 12 months of life leaves scars I guess.
Pro: He was a good boy everywhere else at the mall and went home to take a great nap.
Pro: Got a good beer buzz on before the Michigan game.
Con: Fell over my son's toy while chasing a bunny and hurt myself badly.
Con: Michigan lost.
Pro: Got to watch a DVD.
Con: It kind of sucked, review to follow.

Con: Started off the day at the ER. Badly sprained a foot tendon. Was told I would have been better off breaking my foot.
Pro: Got to read most of a book and laugh my ass off while waiting for x-rays.
Con: Leaving on crutches.
Pro: Vicodin.
Con: Not going to Santa Ynez or the local car show.
Con: Finding out Curves is closing.

Pro: French toast breakfast at my mom's.
Con: Started my period.
Pro: Nice dinner with the whole fan damily.
Con: Sort of fighting with Husband off and on all weekend.

And the hits just keep on coming because this morning Husband left to go back to San Diego until Thursday and then Casey woke up at 4:30 for good. Then I had to punish Betty for stealing his snack cup and when I hollered at her she peed all over my carpet. Today's pro? Vicodin at work. Thank God for small favors.


Coodence said...

This can never be a con, dude:

Con: Started my period.

Lurker Girl said...

and Michigan losing...not a con...says the girl from the Buckeye State! But sorry about your foot...hang in there.