Childhood Love

On Friday afternoon I had nothing better to do than play on the internet so I stumbled upon this video. Fair warning, if you had a childhood toy you loved, you will not be able to watch this without crying. And if you do? You are a stronger man than I. If you would rather not watch the video, I will summarize it for you. There is a little boy who has a blue monkey named Ah-ah. He took that monkey everywhere he went, even to pre-school. One camping trip, Ah-ah was lost. Three years later, the little boy's mom found the very monkey they lost on e-bay. She knew it was the same monkey because of the way the tag was cut and because of some drier damage it had suffered on its hairdo.
The boy and the mom are talking about the monkey and he recalls how it went missing three years ago on this camping trip. The mom tells the story of her e-bay adventure and reunites the boy and Ah-ah. This prompts the boy to burst into tears saying "I thought you were lying the whole time!" The video closes with this approximately 6-year old kid kissing and hugging his monkey with tears in his eyes. It's quite heartwarming.
It also led me to search for my own, long-lost childhood love: Bear. I got Bear when I was a little girl. I slept with him nearly every night until I was in my 20s. At that point, Bear had to go into storage. Unfortunately, he was threadbare from my love. He no longer had a mouth. He had been stuffed and re-stuffed a couple of times so his body was misshapen at best, and his throat was worn thin into a hole. He suffered some residual damage in storage after a fire left most of my things covered in ash. I tried to wash his shell of a body but the water did more harm than good. I kept that empty shell of a bear for a long time until we had to make room for Casey. Basically, my 30-year old bear had to go in the trash.
I never really stopped thinking about Bear and that video prompted me to see if I could find him again. How does one go about looking for a 30-year old bear? I didn't know his brand or make. I just knew what he looked like. So I spent hours scrolling through pictures of teddy bears on e-bay and my efforts paid off. I found him. He's from 1981, a May Co. bear. I think that May Co. has been out of business for about 20 years. Thank God for collectors willing to sell for I am buying him this week in hopes that he can fill the whole that Bear left when I had to let him go.