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Remember how I told you I was going to have to buy and read everything David Sedaris has ever written? Well I sort of did and the most recent of my completed reads was Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Bestiary. What was best about this book was that I got the hardcover out of the Barnes & Noble Bargain section for under $6. Frankly, I'm glad I didn't spend more than that. Illustrated by the gentleman that does the Olivia books, this is a collection of short stories about animals behaving badly; however, not as animals do but as people do. One story that stands out is from the point of view of a purebred dog whose mutt wife cheats on him with the dog across the street. The dog across the street attacks someone and gets put down while the wife has his "illegitimate" pups that eventually get sold. The purebred is very smug about the whole thing. His "work" is being a breeding stud but after this series of events he actually enjoys what he does rather than just considering it a job to be done. Yeah, that sort of thing. I really can't put into words how very bizarre these stories were but once I start a book, I generally commit to finishing it. I had told my pal Cindy over the weekend that I would finish the book this week and then told Andrea my goal of not turning the TV on so that I could do just that last night. And thus, I did, enabling myself to proceed to read a book that is a little less on the weird side and a little more on the humorous side. Let me say this, however: although this book wasn't necessarily up my alley, Sedaris is still a master of spinning a yarn.

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