Weekend Pics

Casey got a big boy bed. We put the stuffed animals in there so we still had the crib as an option but he was having none of it. Can you tell?
This is my niece-y Lici. She looks mad in her party hat. I was mad at her, too, when she pulled a whole pizza on to the carpet. Not really. Look at that face.
 Husband had to get Casey that shirt for his birthday so he could be Lightning McQueen's Pit Crew.
 My enthusiasm for gift opening is clearly a bit much.
 Boy oh boy did the grownups have fun. Drinks and a bouncy house. Well played.
 This pic of BFF's little one makes me laugh.
Nothing better than a fire to close out a night. Cigars, drinks, good friends and great conversation. I'm Barack-Hard!


Gen said...

At first glance, the frog in the bottom picture looks like a penis.

Coodence said...

Barrrrack!!! Nice pics, ho! And hahah to Gen's comment.