Movie Review

I was a big fan of the first Sherlock Holmes movie but never got around to seeing its sequel, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, until... well... two weekends ago. I completely neglected to write about it because frankly I was too busy worrying about my co-worker and her dying mother and the fact that I had about 30 people scheduled to come over to my house for Casey's birthday party. Either way, we watched the movie but it was over the course of several attempts. I'm not sure if it didn't hold my attention because of what it was or how we were watching it.
Either way, it used a lot of the same slow-motion techniques as the first one during the fight scenes. Husband thought the story was very much in the vein of actual Sherlock Holmes mysteries. There was a lot of action and great scenery as well as a great cast of top notch actors. I wasn't as impressed with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actress, Noomi Rapace, in this movie as I was with her in the Swedish Tattoo movies though. Oh well. This has to be one of the least enthusiastic movie reviews I've written of late. I really need to get back in the ol' blogging groove. I think today's funk is brought to you by lack of sleep and maybe a wee bit of a tiny hangover thanks to a super fun sleepover with BFF and Chacha. On a Monday. Yeah. I party hard.