Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good
  • One more day left of this work week before a much needed three-day weekend.
  • Husband on the way home right this very second.
  • Having Crusty and her hubby over for dinner tonight before they head on up to their new home much closer to us than Philadelphia!  
The Bad
  • Miss Jan being out of the office for nearly two weeks has made me really unhappy with the extra amount of phone answering I have had to do.
  • My attendance at Curves remaining at 10 for the month.
  • My insane cravings for junk food during this, the week of PMS
The Ugly
  • Casey's nightly poop-filled diapers have reeked of death and have been quite impressive in their heft.
  • Honestly? My relationship with Bossman has hit an all-time low and I was just told by both my bosses that I seem "miserable."
  • The heat and humidity of late have been quite unusual for Oxnard and mama's sick and tired of sweating.

1 comment:

Coodence said...

hefty, poop filled diapers reeking of death is perhaps the definition of the ugly.