Curves Check-In #5

My results should be MUCH better than this by now. I'm clearly doing something wrong and I believe that "wrong" is beer.

Since March 9, 2012
Down 2" (Up 3.5" since July)
Down 6 lbs. (Gained 4 lbs. since July but my period starts today I think)
72 attendances
Down -4.25 body fat pounds (up 1.1 since July)

I only went eleven times last month so that could definitely be improved upon. So far I have only been four times in August but I'm on the list to go to Zumba tomorrow and plan on going Friday. I'd like to get there four to five times a week. I don't see any reason not to other than sheer lack of motivation. I've been consistently good about eating my salads for lunch but I have really not been great about not snacking. Still no candy dish, though. So there's that.
I'm extremely disappointed in myself and I think the period has a lot to do with that. I weighed 215 and that was after 2 cups of coffee, my oatmeal, a chocolate chip cookie an a granola bar. I was wearing a sports bra, a wife-beater style tank top, my spandex-y pants, underwear and socks. I give that a naked 213? I was so stinkin' hungry after my work out I was tempted to just run and get a damn cheeseburger but I didn't. I sat and ate my salad. And I'm going to drink this big ol' Sigg bottle of water. And I'm going to hope I drop a five pound deuce. And I guess tomorrow is a new day, right?

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