Two For Tuesday

In lieu of two new movies, this weekend we watched two stand-up routines. The Bill Cosby one is so old, he refers to his seventeen thousand dollar Ferrari. That almost gave Husband palpitations, by the way. Compared to the comedy shows we watch like Luis CK, Bill Cosby is very mild. His humor is very safe yet very funny. It took me a while to get into it but his jokes about the different walks you get from different kinds of drunk is pretty good stuff. Mostly, I laughed my ass off when he was talking about his children and how they drove his wife crazy. Not that I can relate to that or anything.... The other routine was by Jo Koy. I never heard of him before but BFF thought he was funny and I generally let her pressure me into watching things. I guess that's the main reason Friday Night Lights is all we'll be watching from Netflix for the foreseeable future. Anywho, Jo Koy also talks about his son and how crazy and silly he is but where he really kills it is when he does impressions of his Filipino mother. He was also pretty tame but super funny. I would probably watch him again. But while I'm on the topic of comedians, if you aren't watching Louie on FX, I really think you are missing out. He is a brilliant man, dare I go so far as to say he is a genius. Luis CK does everything on that show, like casting, directing, editing... all of it. I really dig it. There. I'm done.


dirkmancuso said...

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is really good. I think you'll like it once you get into its rhythms.

Jo Koy is a regular on CHELSEA LATELY and I love his Filipino impressions.

Gen said...

I love Jo Koy! I've seen him at The Laugh Factory and missed his show at the Oxnard PAC. He is HILARIOUS when he does Filipino impressions.

Love me some Bill Cosby ... J E L L O!

Lisa..... said...

My husband like Louis CK but I haven't watch it. Maybe I should check it out.