I'm in an obsessive kind of mood and I can't stop thinking about my weight so I'm going to dump it here and see if that helps. Besides, this blog could use more ranting. Let's break it down. After my miscarriage I started really noticing my fat once I got out of my wee depression so I started Curves on March 12th with the goal of losing some tonnage by my 35th birthday. I lost those 10 pounds a month late but I still did it. And that's where I'm currently sitting. I haven't lost any weight since May. But I haven't gained any either so there's that.
I shouldn't be so obsessed with the scale because I have lost a pants size as well as 5.5" of my body so it must be working but I just want so badly to be under 200. Hell, I'd be happy if I weighed myself with clothes on and that number would just be below 210. Right now I'm sitting at 211.5, post workout, in my workout clothes, with no shoes. That's basically what I weighed at Curves on the 9th of July.
My in-laws have been here so they've been walking Betty and we've been having crazy big dinners and dessert every night. It's been great but it's definitely gotten me out of my routine of eating small dinners and walking the dog to the park with Casey after work. I'm going to consider July sort of a wash. There was that whole first week where I didn't even go to Curves, the following week when I went three times... yeah. It's just been bad.
Today, Jan didn't want to go to Curves at lunch because her knee is hurting but I still went. It took some convincing but I just have to go, you know? I can't keep making excuses or looking for the easy way out. And I went to the gym and I sweated a whole bunch and I felt better because I did it. Also? Since Husband has been buying cookies to have in the house for his parents, I have totally OD'd on them. Jan (that damn trouble maker) even brought some in to work today and normally I would have eaten all of them but today just looking at them makes me a little queasy.
So that's all. I just want to re-motivate myself. It's a marathon, not a sprint. My membership is until May so I have time. I would just really like to have my Curves weigh in on August 9th show a bit lower than it's showing now.


Gen said...

You'll find that you'll reach moments like this during your path but as long as you recognize what your ultimate goal is, I think you'll do it!

Congrats for going by yourself and for passing on the cookies today. One day at a time, one pound at a time.

You totally got this!

Coodence said...

Totally, dude.

Plateaus are a real bitch and completely part of this whole journey thing.

Also? I consider every month that you don't gain a win.

libelletage.com said...

despite the plateau, you've accomplished a lot!!!