Ok, I'll Blog

  • We didn't watch a single movie this weekend but we did watch the first 2 episodes of Friday Night Lights. I'm not sure I am gonna get into that one although it does seem to be a good program. I don't have time in my life to catch up on a series and just prefer movies. There. I said it.
  • After having the in-laws over for a spectacular visit for 15 days, it was nice to have our house to ourselves this weekend. We went to the park, went swimming, went on a bike ride. But mostly, we just hung out at home. And I cleaned like a maniac. But that's nothing new.
  • July has been a bit of a bust diet-wise. I may or may not have gained a pound or two here and there. Right now I'm sitting at 209.5. Went to Curves 4 times last week and I'm thinking we may see 5 this week. I will be stoked if I could lose some weight or inches by the time the next check-in rolls around on August 9.
  • I love Betty but she is the most expensive dog ever. Since she was jumping over our wall we needed to add on an additional top fence which cost us around $100. Another fun weekend project for my brother and Husband. At least the fence is working at keeping her in the yard. So she can eat Casey's pool and Casey's sand box toys and anything else we don't have hanging from the ceiling.

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