Movie Review Monday

On Friday night, Husband and I had date night. For some reason, my parents came over before 5 pm to babysit so we ended up catching the late afternoon matinee of Brave before going out to a delicious sushi dinner that was only made better by Sapporo on draft and a complimentary green tea ice cream from a waitress who was super excited that we, as parents of a 2-year old, were actually eating dinner at her restaurant on the one night we had a chance to eat out. But back to the real reason we are here: Brave. Brave is Pixar's first film with a woman as a lead and I believe it's like their thirteenth movie so it's about time. This is no princess movie although Merida, with her very red and wild hair, is an actual princess. There is no prince that is going to save the day. Rather, it is a story of how Merida is trying to forge a life and a future of her own by breaking tradition, even at the expense of potentially destroying her relationship with her mother the queen. It's a very good story with breathtaking visuals, sweeping views of gorgeous scenery and Scottish accents a plenty. I don't want to give away too much but the bear angle is quite scary times. At a couple different points I was in Husband's lap so I'm not sure how the kiddos would react but for me it was fantastic. I love Pixar because it takes the impossible and makes it seem completely believable and totally realistic. I've heard many folks reviewing this film say it's missing something, but I can't agree with them nor can I figure out what it is they're talking about. I highly recommend this movie to you, especially to moms and daughters, for it is funny and moving and charming all at once.

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dirkmancuso said...

With the exception of those CARS movies, I've loved all the Pixar movies. Can't wait to see this one.