Things that make me happy:
  • Having my in-laws as house guests
  • Having a house husband
  • Not having to take Casey to and from the sitter
  • Not having to walk Betty after work
  • Seeing the scale this morning say 213.5 clothed and shoed. To me that's 208.5 and I'm sticking with it.
  •  Flowers blooming in my flower bed
  • MIL's homemade strawberry jello pie
  • Casey being at home when I get home and running to the car to greet me
  • Home-made dinners
  • Having people over for dinner
  • Going back to Curves
  • Having a solid budget through the end of August
  • Beer
  • My puppy and my bunny
  • My family when we all get along


Andrea said...

I like happy post!

Gen said...

If Blogger had a like button, I'd like and unlike just to like again!