Curves Check-In #4

  • Down 9 pounds since March but up 1 pound since last month.
  • Down 3" since March but she may have measured me wrong so I'm disregarding this month's numbers. I find it unlikely I gained 3" in a month. Likely down about 6" total.
  • 58 total attendances since March, just 1 attendance this month so far.
  • My BMI is down from 34.61 to 33.20 so I guess that boils down to 7.71 body fat pounds lost. Down 1.41% total.
I'm not going to let myself get discouraged. I took a week off from Curves because I fell off a ladder on the 4th of July and wanted to recoup. I've been keeping busy working in the yard and walking the dog and playing with the boy. I just need to get back on track with better eating habits. I start my period this week so I could be retaining water. I'm definitely retaining a shit load more beer than I usually drink in a week. God bless America on her birthday. I feel pretty good about fitting in several different pairs of size 14 pants so I know it's not just a fluke and I may very well be down a pant size. I guess that's the best we can do. Baby steps. Not giving up. Keep on keepin' on, so to speak.
 By the way? I would like to say that I have very little discipline in the real world. I'm grateful I can eat a healthy breakfast, snacks and lunch during my work day. I don't have access to anything to drink other than water or coffee so that helps. It's been 23 weeks (about 6 months, right?) since I had candy out of the dish here at the office. I use 30 minutes of my lunch hour to exercise. After work I may walk to the dog and the kid to the park but other than that, I don't pay too much attention to what I eat and drink.
I guess what I'm saying is that anyone who says they can't lose weight because they don't have the discipline should use me for an example. All you need is to be good 25% of the time and you will notice results. How did I get that number? I'm only really "good" 40 hours of the week here at the office. There are 128 other hours left in a week for me to fuck up. Sleep definitely saves me for a portion but otherwise, I just live. Instead of eating a bowl of M&Ms at home, I have a handful. Instead of having seconds, I try to stick to just one. It's not really that much effort at all and it seems to be producing results.

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